Blog of Ages

Well, I have a blog, and I am, as of yet undecided as to whether this is a good thing or not. Part of my brain ridicules the decision; part of me thinks I am merely one of the millions of internetters floating around in the ether of the internet like little sperms chasing the egg of attention and self-validation. Perhaps I’m just one of the pale, bulbous headed little wannabe columnists who feels my opinion is somehow important enough for someone to read and comment on. 

A blog, to me, is the honest version of Facebook. It is professed and propagated that Facebook is a means of connection between people, a way to stay in touch etc. However to me it seems merely a collection of egos attempting to justify themselves and seeking to be seen as important and unique in a world where everyone thinks they’re important and unique. Posting pictures of holidays, sharing your opinion, submitting what you may think is an uproariously, outrageously hilarious satirical stripping of a political event assumes a certain level of egotism to think that someone would give enough of a shit to read it. 

Therefore, a blog is the honest version of Facebook. To have a blog is to impliedly admit that you think people should read what you have to say, or look at the cleverly angled, just-out-of-focus, instagrammed photos you’ve taken in a flair of artistic genius unrivalled by anyone presently or previously. 

Perhaps this denegration of the internet is overly cynical and perhaps people aren’t the self-important, egotistical yet insignificant and unimportant little sperms that I think they are, desperately swimming through the womb of life seeking despairingly to pop through the vulva of anonymity and be appreciated for the witty, uniquely individualistic centre of warmth that they definitely are. 

Perhaps Facebook is simply an efficient means of staying in touch and blogs are the 21st century version of the 18th century coffee shops of Europe in which French revolutionists would discuss separating the Kings head from his shoulders and British scientists and philosophers would discuss the great questions of the age such as: Don’t you think Newton needs to get laid? However, I would humbly submit that the prevalence of Japanese fart porn, cat videos, instagrammed images with helvetica fonts spelling out some inane teen-angst sludge and overtly racist YouTube comments would suggest that the converse is most probably true. 

So, is my having a blog a good idea? Well, it does mean I can vent my opinions rather than, you know, actually doing anything about them. Overall, however, I don’t think it is a good thing, but much like stealing sweets from children, its easy and I feel a satisfying sense of accomplishment.