Bio: If you grind your teeth at the fat person who walks in front of you just a little too slow, if you can see the inevitable racist torrent before its been uttered, simply by hearing someone say 'I'm not racist but...', if you hate humans that seem to be smiling, happy, glowing beacons of light with bright white, obsequious smiles, if you like to tie, twirl, stir, link and morph a few of the 10 million English words into clever sounding sentences, if you can look at the gloom, the darkness, the annoyance, the frustration and the evil of the planet and give a coy little grin, giggle macabrely and see it as the insignificant and unimportant little speck of dust that it all is then this may be the blog for you. If you take offence, if you can't stand provocation or are easily provoked by provocative things, if you have views that are in any way pleasant and milky and beige and like to express them as such, if you cannot laugh and you're tongue rests anywhere but in your cheek then don't read what I write, and definitely don't comment on it because I probably don't care.

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