Its platitudes mean nothing as we march ever closer.
They’re the pleadings of a dead man trapped in the corner.
The hisses of the snake that hangs while smiling and beguiling
have transformed to anthrax in the air, repulsive and stifling.

See the glittery attraction of the siren’s eyes
as she sings on the rocks, enticing fools with lies.
For too long righteous ships have struck, split open on her shore
screaming in delusion as they desire for more.

Wake now, kid, do the explosions not stir you?
Do the waves and tornados and craters not perturb you?
Can’t you see past your dreams that seem so real?
They are nothing but a canvas that from your fate, steal.

The virtues of the beast flicker and fade;
cuts in its skin show the pain from which its made.
It has knocked the teeth from your mouth, left you bruised and beat,
then bent down to kiss you and lift you to your feet.

It demands your gratitude while it wrecks your kin.
It smiles to preach honour while it sleeps in sin.
It plays sweet harmonies to the rhythm of destruction,
sweet pictures play to the crowd, threatening seduction.

“Come now kid, go back to sleep.
Don’t worry about the monsters and the nightmares you keep.
Don’t fear the consequence of my teaching and my lead,
just smile and dream and drift, oblivious, to oblivion, while I feed.”